5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Site | lolsmg.com
5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Site | lolsmg.com

If you do one thing to improve your website this year let it be a mobile friendly website.  Depending on your needs this could be a responsive site, a mobile website, a custom app or a combination (app and mobile site anyone?).  You may be wondering why you need a mobile friendly site, well here are 5 reasons your site should be mobile friendly.

1. Google Likes It

If Google likes it, then that means it's good for your SEO.  Fortunately, if you don't yet have a mobile friendly site, Google isn't punishing you in the search engine rankings.  However, your lack of mobile friendly options (either mobile website or responsive design) isn't helping you.

2. 55% of Internet Users Access the Internet from their Mobile Devices (Pew Internet)

That means that desktop users are now in the minority.  15% of internet users ONLY access the internet through their mobile devices (Pew Internet). That means without a mobile friendly option you are potentially missing out on 15% of your potential traffic & customers.

3. It's Good UX

A mobile friendly website provides a better user experience (UX).  A better user experience creates happier users.  61% of users have a better opinion of brands that have a good mobile experience (Next-Gen Retail). Sites that are not mobile friendly are harder for mobile users to navigate and may be impossible to use on mobile.  Tiny links are hard to click with your fingers, flash content doesn't work, and sites may load slowly on mobile networks. Don't lose customers due to a poor mobile experience!

4. It's Easy to Do

There are many different options to make your site mobile friendly to meet all needs.  From completely redesigning your site with a responsive design, to creating a separate mobile website there are options for every need and budget.  Creating a mobile website is easy to do, and very affordable.

5. Mobile Keeps Growing

Mobile traffic is expected to continue to increase by 3.5% per month across all industries (Televox). Smartphones and tablets are becoming common place. More and more people use them on a daily basis to access the internet and make purchases.  Mobile isn't just a trend, it's a growing movement that will be with us for the foreseeable future.