5 of the Best Free User Testing Tools
5 of the Best Free User Testing Tools

Are you using user testing as part of your website development workflow? Do you think it’s only for those big companies that have enough money to devote to having entire departments dedicated to user interface design? User testing can be within reach of any business large or small.  User testing your website or app can lead to a better user experience and happier users as well as increased conversions and lead generation.  Here are 5 of the best free user testing tools that you can add to your user testing workflow today.

1. Simple Mouse Tracking

Simple Mouse Tracking allows you to track the mouse movements of your users. Record mouse activity in real time and then you can play it back to analyze the performance of your site. This allows you to find snags and other areas that may be confusing visitors as well as highlighting areas that draw visitor attention and clicks.

 2. KISSinsights

KISSinsights allows you to get feedback directly from your site’s users via a survey. Embed a survey direction on your site to get valuable feedback from your users.

3.  Five Second Test

The Five Second Test allows you to upload a screenshot of your site to get feedback from users. Upload a screenshot and ask a few questions then wait for your responses to roll in. It’s a great way to get feedback on landing pages and calls to action!

4. Usabilla

Usabilla allows you to run various micro tests to test different areas of performance on your site. You can collect feedback from users as well as measure how well tasks are performed. Your data is delivered to you in an easy to use visual format.

5. Userfly

Collect the mouse movements and even receive videos of real users using your website. Userfly will collect every click and mouse movement a user on your site makes and save them for you to review for up to 30 days.

User testing can give you valuable insights into how real users actually use your website.  Improving their experience can lead to more interaction with your site, more visitors, conversions and leads. User testing can improve new websites, still in development as well as the deployment of changes to existing sites and landing pages. Do you have a favorite free user testing resource that we missed? Share it with us in the comments!