4 Tips to Combine Fonts Like A Pro

Font choices can completely change the look and feel of any design project. With a seemingly infinite number of fonts to choose from deciding on what font combinations to use for your project can be overwhelming. Don’t despair! Here are 4 tips to help you choose fonts that will suit any project.

1. Opposites Attract

Choosing fonts that are opposites are one way to ensure your font combination will be eye catching. A very thick font for headings with a thin font for the body text will be sure to stand out. Don’t just be limited to the weight of the font, you can also combine serif and sans serif fonts or script fonts with sans serif fonts. The differences between the fonts will create contrast and visual interest.

2. Avoid Overdone Fonts

There are some fonts that really should never be used in a professional setting, for example, ComicSans and Papyrus. Fonts like these have been over used; there was a time when Papyrus was everywhere, on every sign and every website. However, it’s no longer the 90’s and times and tastes have moved on to more sophisticated and interesting fonts.

3. Create a Mood or Personality

Choose fonts that help to support your project’s mood. If you take a look at fonts that you currently have on your computer or ones you might find online you’ll notice that each font has its own mood or personality. Script fonts tend to feel fancy, and elegant. Thin sans serif fonts like Raleway feel modern and clean, while serif fonts like Times New Roman have a more traditional feel. Choose your combination of fonts so that you create a cohesive mood.

4. Don't Forget Color

Don’t forget to include color choices when considering what font to use. Color can help create distinction between a body font and a heading font. Combining color and font weight or size can help create distinction in hierarchy while still using only one font. Choose your font colors wisely to ensure easy reading for your viewers and an overall cohesive design.

Don’t get overwhelmed when it comes to font selection! Give your next design project a dash of style with the font choices you make. The humble font can take your project from boring to fabulous. Follow these 4 tips and choosing fonts for your next design will be a breeze. Do you have any other suggestions for paring fonts? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!