Do you play sports? What’s your greatest sport moment? Would it be playing with a professional athlete? That’s exactly what happened for Taylor Gray while shooting Thunderstruck!

Taylor said he played varsity basketball as a junior in high school, but then left to start shooting TV shows. He walks away from shooting Thunderstruck with an unforgettable memory: playing one-on-one against NBA star Kevin Durant.

”It’s like, to this day, my biggest accomplishment in basketball. He was really guarding me and had blocked like the last three shots and I was just running around throwing up hook shots and anything I could, and one fell in,” said Taylor.

Beyond athletics Taylor told The Oklahoman that he was impressed with Durant’s on-camera performance, calling the NBA star a “great actor. I don’t think anyone expected that, but he did a fantastic job.”

Durant loses his shooting touch in the move, and one problem he did have, according to Taylor, was missing shots on demand.

“I remember the first day he actually had to miss,” Taylor said. “They had it set to make all these shots, and then he was supposed to start missing for a while. We had multiple days in a row where he was supposed to miss shots, but it was like impossible for him to miss. I’m like, ‘Dude, I’ll show you how to miss.’ ”

Get a taste of the movie and watch the trailer now!

Thunderstruck starring and Durant is in theaters now (check your local listings for show times)! Are you going to to see it? Let Taylor know in the comments!

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