‘Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures’ is back on Nickelodeon with all new episodes!  With a new episode airing this Saturday, what better way to celebrate than with interviews with the stars of the show?

Taylor Gray plays half of the surfing pair.  As Bucket, he’s a goofy guy with a heart of gold.  As Taylor, he’s got an on-the-ball sense of humor.  See what the Nick star had to tell us below!

Fanlala: What do you like most about your character Bucket on the show?

Taylor Gray: His hair! (laughs)  But seriously, he’s a funny guy.  He doesn’t judge anyone.  Skinner is crazy, but he doesn’t judge because he’s Skinner’s best friend.

F: It must feel great being a part of the Nickelodeon family.  Do you have any favorite Nick shows new or old?

TG: Without a doubt I loved ‘Drake & Josh’.  I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every episode they’ve ever had.  And as far as animation goes, because Nick has an awesome animation history, I loved ‘Rocket Power’.  That show itself influenced a lot of the things I did when I was younger.

F: Bucket, Skinner, and Kelly are all great surfers.  If you could become instantly good at any sport, which would you pick, and why?

TG: Hmm… something cool for sure.  Polo!  It’d be hitting two birds with one stone.  On one end, I’d be learning to ride a horse, which I don’t know how to do very well, and I’d also be learning something like croquet.  I’d also be learning polo, so it’s like hitting three birds I guess!  Gotta be a good shot for that!

F: Did you start to surf before ‘Bucket & Skinner’, or did the show get you interested in the sport?

TG: I did, which is funny.  I grew up in California my whole life.  I’ve always lived fifteen minutes from the beach, so I’ve been surfing since I was little.  We also went camping every summer for a week in San Diego, and I went surfing with my friends all while I was growing up.  It’s always been a lot of fun.

F: Bucket and Aloe are rivals on the show.  What is your relationship with Glenn when on set?

TG: Oh, it’s fantastic.  We basically live in each others’ dressing rooms unless we’re filming separate scenes.  We love hanging out, playing different instruments in our rooms.  The whole cast loves playing piano or guitar.  In fact, Glenn and I are going to be surfing sometime next week in Huntington Beach.  We get along really well!

Tune in to Nickelodeon at 9:30PM on Saturday for this week’s new episode of Bucket and Skinner “Epic Crashers.”

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