Fans of Nickelodeon’s buddy comedy Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures are in for a real treat! The hilarious show is back with ALL NEW episodes starting Saturday, March 17 at 9 PM!  The madness begins with the premiere episode “Epic Cuffs” which involves some magic, some mischief, and of course plenty of laughs! We’ll let the guys tell you about it themselves!

Celebuzz had the exclusive opportunity to chat with the cast and get the low down on beyond the scenes antics, totally cool guest stars, and some totally zany and EPIC adventures that the crew will go on this year!  Here’s some highlights from our interview with Taylor Gray (Bucket), Dillon Lane (Skinner), Ashley Argota (Kelly), Tiffany Espensen (Piper), and Glenn McCuen (Aloe)!

Can you tell me a little bit about the show for some new viewers who may not be as familiar with Bucket and Skinner?

Taylor Gray: Yeah absolutely. It’s a buddy comedy with two best friends, Bucket and Skinner and I play Bucket.  It’s how they go through high school. The ins and outs, the challenges they run into. Crazy outrageous problems that most people probably wouldn’t encounter. But it’s a lot of fun.  We come across haunted houses, elephants, and we meet with the school bully.  Bucket is the smarter of the two, but that isn’t really saying much (laughs) He’s not the smartest there is, but he’s smarter than Skinner. They don’t always make the best choices at things.

How is the environment on the set? Do you guys have fun? Play pranks?

Taylor: Yeah! Tons of pranks.  We try to keep it fun 24/7 because when you have a fun and happy show, we try to keep that vibe on and off camera.  It’s a great set to be on.

Do you have a favorite episode of the recent ones that you’ve done?

Taylor: Hmm…a favorite episode.  Probably the last one that we shot which is going to be an hour-long episode and that’s where we have the multiple guests like Cody Simpson, who performs a song on it, Jeanette Mc Curdy from iCarley, Matt Shivley from True Jackson. That one was a lot of fun!

On the show, you play Skinner, kind of the wacky one. Do you relate to your character at all?

Dillon Lane: Yeah definitely.  I think the biggest thing that I have in common with Skinner is that we are both very happy, optimistic people. He’s a little bit slower and not as bright as I’d like to consider myself but yeah we both look alike (laughs) But in our outlooks on life, we are very similar.

You are also a musician. Are you planning on pursuing music more?

Dillon: Yes definitely. I’ve been writing and recording quite a bit and playing some shows live. I just played a show recently with Max from How to Rock. I’ve been writing with a bunch of different songwriters in California and writing by myself and recording.

What can you reveal to fans about the new episodes of Bucket and Skinner that are starting up?

Ashley Argota: We have a brand new episode coming up this Saturday, we’re really excited! It’s called Epic Cuffs and basically my character Kelly gets handcuffed to Bucket and Skinner after Skinner’s magic trick goes wrong and I have to go on a date with my boyfriend so, I basically have to go with the boys in toe and try not to reveal that anything has gone wrong and that they’re there with me at all, so it’s pretty awesome! (laughs)

How do you feel that the show has evolved since first starting out last year?

Ashley: I feel like it has really grown and honestly gets funnier and funnier. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Do you have a favorite episode that’s going to be coming up this season, besides the premiere?

Ashley: The other one I’m really excited about is next week’s episode which is called Epic Crashers. That one guest starts Halston Page from How to Rock, who’s awesome and we loved having her on set. Our writers have this really great habit of listening to us when we say, “hey, this has never happened to me, I think this would be really cool if this happened on the show”.  Kelly and Piper get grounded and have to sneak out of the house.  We win a contest and have to come and sign for our prize. We get to dress up as our parents and I told the writers that I’ve never seen myself as a blond and it’s something I’ve always wanted to try.  So, I got to dress up as a blond in that episode! Which was hilarious for me and I definitely know that I won’t be going blond in real life!

Can you tell me about your character, Piper? What does she bring to the show?

Tiffany Espensen: She’s very sneaky. She’s always wanting to get into things, make herself into a higher status, everything she does is to make herself look good. She’s her own character and she’s very fun to play.

Is there anybody that you’d really want to guest star on the show?

Tiffany: Wow, If I had to have somebody guest star, I would love honestly to do a cross over with Victorious, or just to have Victoria Justice come on the show and sing on the show because I love her voice.  Or just Super Ninjas because I would love to fight some bad guys and look so cool doing it. (laughs)

What is your favorite part about coming to the set?

Glenn McCuen: My favorite part about being on set is getting to work with all the cast and making people laugh!

What can we expect from the new episodes coming up?

Glenn: You can definitely look forward to a lot of adventures and laughs!


Interview by Celebuzz

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