Thunderstruck: The debut movie for the OKC Thunder star, Kevin

It’s not a new story that every successful man, be it a player or a superstar, wants to explore lives on the other side and give other professional careers a try. Let’s go back to a few years from now, when Michael Jordan was spotted starring in Space Jam, followed by Shaquille O’Neal featuring in Kazaam. Following the same trend, two-time top scorer and Oklahoma City Thunder’s ace player, Kevin Durant has given acting a try. But when Durant was asked about his decision to step into the world of movies, he simply said that doing movies have never been his cup of tea, and he never wanted to enter this world. Following the statement, it’s been speculated that it would have been his peer pressure, or his mother’s encouragement that has to be blamed for his changed decision to give acting a try.

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The Kevin Durant movie that diverted basketball fan’s concentration from the basketball superstar’s skills on the court is named as “Thunderstruck”. In fact the entire crew of the movie was seen in Oklahoma City shooting a pivotal sequence from the movie at the home arena of OKC Thunder, where there’s a switch in the ace player’s skills with a clumsy teenager, following a defeat of the legendary basketball team, OKC Thunder in the movie. This teenager is none other than Nickelodeon start Taylor Gray.

Both, Kevin Durant and Thunderstruck, have a common thing that bridges each other. It’s nothing but the basketball that connects the real and the reel life. When Kevin was contacted after the shooting got over, he was found to be pretty overwhelmed with his performance during the takes. Although he was found keeping his fingers crossed about the reactions and feedback from critics and general audience, at the same time he was found to be pretty cool with his performance. He further added that even if the movie doesn’t perform well, he won’t be upset because he had fun, enjoyed the time to the fullest, made new friends in the crew, and that’s all what actually counts to him.

Taylor is currently promoting Thunderstruck at All Star Weekend in Orlando, Florida this weekend. See the photo he tweeted from a Thunderstruck press conference.

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