I’m a Southern California native who lives in a suburb of Los Angeles with my Mom, Dad, younger brother and sister.  I’ve always lived life to the fullest, taking part in each and every activity to strive toward being the most well rounded person I can be.

I had attended public school doing pretty much the same things that typical kids do on a daily basis.  I played organized sports, joined different academic and extra-curricular clubs at school, stayed up far too late to finish homework, and generally hung out with my friends from my high school basketball team.

About five years ago I approached my parents with the idea of becoming an actor.  I told them I wanted to work in television or film.  After realizing I was serious about my desire to become an actor, my parents supported me in pursuing acting classes and getting an agent.  Initially, it was really hard keeping up with all of my other activities and schoolwork while trying to audition, but once I booked my first commercial, I knew that I loved what I was doing and I would go above and beyond to reach my goal of becoming a working actor.

Since booking my first commercial in 7th grade where I got to do stunt work in a harness for Dannon Spring Water, I’ve done a few others like, Skechers, Mervyn’s, Lexus and Verizon.   I also worked on a feature film entitled ‘The Take’, starring opposite John Leguizamo and Rosie Perez. This was a really great experience because I learned so much from both John and Rosie as experienced actors.  The Take was featured at the Toronto Film Festival and my parents and I were able to attend the premiere together.  Since then, I’ve made appearances in multiple hit television series, including Numbers, Hawthorne and The Mentalist.

Outside of acting, some of my interests include singing, playing guitar, piano, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and basketball. I have played sports my entire life and they will always be a strong passion of mine.

I also love being involved in the community. My parents taught me that when you are given opportunities in life like I have, that you should always give back in return. This is why it’s so important to me to stay involved in programs like Best Buddies in which I was an active member in high school and now to volunteer in organizations which help the homeless, work with under privileged kids and teach understanding and tolerance. I’ve always believed that those who have a voice should speak up for those who don’t. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is by Desmond Tutu: ”If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”

In 2011, I starred in a new Nickelodeon surf comedy called Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures playing one half of the crazy Bucket and Skinner duo. I made so many great friends during our time on the Bucket and Skinner set and couldn’t be more grateful for the experience!

Not long after we wrapped Bucket and Skinner, I scored the role in the Warner Brothers motion picture, Thunderstruck, starring NBA All-Star Kevin Durant. I was so excited to be able to combine my love of acting and basketball all in one project! Besides it was amazing to work with a true NBA superstar! Thunderstruck was released in select theaters on August 24, 2012 and is available on DVD December 4, 2012. Make sure you check it out!

It’s definitely been a different experience waking up each morning to go to work instead of school, but I’m so thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given and can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me and what lies ahead!!!


Learn twelve things you might not know about Nickelodeon star, Taylor Gray.

  1. I am addicted to chapstick and always carry it in my pocket.
  2. I have 19 Words with Friends games going on right now.
  3. If I were a foot taller, I’d be trying my luck as a point guard in the NBA.
  4. When I was 12, I played John Leguizamo & Rosie Perez’ son in a .
  5. My favorite animal is a turtle.
  6. My inspirations are James Dean and Johnny Depp.
  7. In 4th grade I was the Student Body Vice President.
  8. I have a younger brother and sister.
  9. My dad has been my coach in basketball, baseball and soccer.
  10. My favorite candy is Swedish Fish.
  11. Before every audition I listen to ‘Viva la Vida’ by Coldplay.
  12. I hope one day to help less fortunate kids have access to the arts and become whatever they desire.


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