It’s amazing what a little teamwork and some very special fans can do. On February 10 #GiveBucketandSkinnerABillboard became a worldwide trending topic with the help of the show’s cast, fellow Disney stars and fans like you! This week Taylor Gray, Dillon Lane and Ashley Argota want another trending topic!

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Tonight, log onto Twitter and tweet  #bucketandskinnersaturdaynight at 7PST (10EST) and get retweets from , Dillon Lane and Ashley Argota themselves! Let’s show Bucket and Skinner the support the show deserves with another EPIC trending topic.

Also, make sure you tune into Nickelodeon tomorrow night (Saturday) at 9:00PM for another Bucket and Skinner another encore episode.

In the episode Epic Wingman, Aloe talks Bucket into being his wingman on a double date with two seniors, but the partnership quickly turns into a battle of wills as the guys try to one-up each other to impress the girls. Piper, banned from the prestigious spelling bee for her past aggressive behavior, ropes Skinner into competing for her.

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