Lexi Ainsworth was a featured guest on the April 10th webcast of the Bella Petite Hour. Bella Petite Magazine focuses on petite fashion, entertainment and lifestyle. Lexi, at 5’1 was a popular choice for the show. Lexi Ainsworth fans united, sending requests for weeks for their favorite petite star.


Lexi Ainsworth started her career on stage in her hometown of Oklahoma City, OK. Lexi talked about her upbringing in Oklahoma and her start in the business. “When I was 11, I joined a local acting workshop with a manager from Los Angeles. Through the workshop I found out about an acting boot camp in LA and I convinced my mom to take me. Little did I know at the end there was a showcase with agents and that’s how I got signed with an agency.”

Lexi spent her time traveling between Oklahoma and Los Angeles for 6 months at a time until the lifestyle became too hectic. With the support of her parents, they made the move to California so Lexi could attend a small private arts school in Santa Monica while pursuing auditions. “At this point I didn’t know this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but it’s been this constant journey of discovering what I want and pursuing what I love…for however long that may be.”

After a series of guest starring roles, Lexi scored the role of Kristina Corinthos Davis on the daytime drama General Hospital. It wasn’t long before Lexi became a series regular on the popular soap opera. It is this experience that Lexi calls her favorite role and best learning experience. “It’s 5 days a week and 30 pages of dialogue. It’s a lot of fun I can see why people stay so long. I’ve gotten very close to Kristina and my General Hospital family over the past 2-½ years.”

lexi ainsworth12 300x208 Lexi Ainsworths Bella Petite Hour Interview  Lexi Ainsworth PicsLexi as Kristina on General Hospital

Though she feels very close to her character, she doesn’t see many similarities between herself and Kristina. “She and I are really nothing alike except for our love of family. I’m definitely more rational than she is, but it wouldn’t be as interesting if she didn’t get herself in some trouble. She has good intentions; her emotions just often get the best of her.”

There is a lot of speculation surrounding a possible return to the daytime drama. About the possibility Lexi says, “A lot of people are asking and I don’t really have a specific answer. I met with new head writer but you never know on soaps, it changes constantly. I have a feeling the fans would know before I do; they are always on top of it!”

Lexi has a strong fan base constantly rallying for her return to General Hospital and consideration for future roles. “They are dedicated and so loyal! They make whatever they want possible and this interview just proves that.” Lexi also enjoys interacting with her fans as much as she can. “I have a lot of fun talking to them through my Facebook and Twitter. These networks are great for connecting with fans on a more personal level. They get to know you as a person. I like to share photos and I also have a Pinterest account now. It’s another cool way of getting to know my interests and my personality.”

302306 167205580036694 142161929207726 329122 1679729472 n1 199x300 Lexi Ainsworths Bella Petite Hour Interview  Lexi Ainsworth PicsLexi in "So This Is Christmas"

Lexi’s recent roles include a guest starring appearance on CBS’s Criminal Minds and a starring role in the upcoming movie, So This Is Christmas. The movie, costarring Eric Roberts and Vivica Fox, was submitted to Cannes and is currently being screened for distribution.

Currently, Lexi is auditioning for pilot season and making summer plans. Her current debate? Taking a trip to either Australia or Greece this summer.When asked what her fans don’t know about her, Lexi says, “Maybe that’s the downside, I’m not as interesting anymore cause they know me so well.” With loyal fans like hers, we’re sure this is not the case!

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