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By: Doug Haley

At 5 feet tall, pint size actress Lexi Ainsworth knows how to make a big impression.  With the poise and intelligence of a woman far more mature than her 20 years, she is an equally endearing and passionate young lady.

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Lexi’s first passion was dance.  The emerging ballerina soon dove into acting, where she started auditioning for local theater productions. She has a wicked sense of humor, and we both thought it was hilarious that her acting debut as a little girl was as a “Munchkin” in The Wizard of Oz.   Her portrayal of fan favorite “Kristina” on General Hospital earned her an Emmy nomination.  She has had a very busy month – shooting an episode of Cougar Town on ABC (she was handpicked by Courtney Cox) and is currently in Detroit shooting a film about bullying, which is a subject she would like to shed more light on.  Other notable credits include : Wild Child (she was the sister to Emma Roberts), So This Is Christmas - opposite Eric Roberts and Vivica A. Fox. Watch some of Lexi’s demo reels here.

I caught up with Lexi before her flight to Michigan at the cozy and rustic Italian hideaway- Pace, hidden off the hillside of Laurel Canyon.  Its easy to admire this young lady.  She is remarkably well traveled for being as young as she is, and her charm and appreciation of people and culture is evident while she speaks.  I noticed how her curiosity lead her to silently observe people around us as we dined, and when she smiles, it literally lights up the room.

We discussed her career, recent shoot with us at The Stylist Handbook, and her fashion sense.

TSH: Tell us about some of your best and worst experiences in your career.

Lexi: I’d say the highlight of my career so far would be my daytime Emmy nomination but as far as the worst I can’t name one because there is always something positive you can take away from any experience.

TSH: You did a fabulous job modeling at our photo shoot. Where did you learn to model?

Lexi: I learned from fashion magazines and other models in the industry. Every time I do a shoot I become more and more confident.

TSH: How important is fashion in your everyday life?

Lexi: It depends on what I’m doing that day. I always try to look cute but there are days when I just want to be in my sweats! Of course when it comes to events I always dress to impress


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Stay tuned for Lexi’s feature in The Handbook this Spring!


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