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Lexi Ainsworth was recently featured on the Bella Petite Radio show for Bella Petite Magazine. If you missed her interview, check out the details HERE! Bella Petite recently released additional questions that weren’t aired during the interview. Read on and don’t forget to visit BellaPetite!


The indelibly pretty petite celebrity soap starlet 5’1″ Lexi Ainsworth (age 19) is a breath of fresh air on the young Hollywood scene.  Lexi was born to a dentist father and a teacher mother in Oklahoma City, perhaps not the most likely upbringing for a Hollywood big screen actress.  Lexi says that her small town life is what encouraged her to want to break out and pursue something fun and different!  Lexi started acting at the very young age of 6, including live theatre work and involvement in acting workshops.  Some such workshops required travelling to Los Angeles for additional training, which eventually led her to a breakout role on the hit soap General Hospital, in the role of Kristina Davis Corinthos.

BELLA PETITE:  What is your favorite thing to do other than acting and traveling?

LEXI: I love trying new restaurants. I’m a big foodie who loves to eat and cook. I actually have a list on my phone of my favorite restaurants and ones that I need to try in NY and LA. You could call it a hobby.

BELLA PETITE:  What are your favorite outdoor activities?

LEXI:  I was in surf club at my high school for P.E. I love going on hikes and finding new trails. I started skiing when I was 3, and recently have taken up snowboarding. My family and I try to go skiing at least once a year. This last Christmas we went to Lech in Austria.

Lexi Ainsworth Online (Fan Site run by a Fan):   What is your most memorable moment on General Hospital, on or off set?

LEXI: I would say my birthday! Everyone surprised me with a cake and sang Happy Birthday and I got a birthday shot (no silly) in the scene that we were shooting!

Visit Bella Petite for even more answers to fan questions!

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