‘Tis the Season! Kenton Duty’s new movie, “Silver Bells” is coming to DVD on Tuesday, October 29th! In addition, the family Christmas film will premiere on the UP Network on Sunday, December 1st at 7PM!

Silver Bells - Movie - 2013

“Silver Bells”

When competitive sports anchor Bruce Dalt (Bruce Boxleitner) gets in a scuffle with a ref at his son’s basketball game, he is suspended from his job and sentenced to community service — manning a red kettle and ringing bells for the Salvation Army for the rest of the Christmas season. At first he finds this humiliating, and in his self-pity determines to be the world’s worst bell ringer, but as he encounters the people behind the kettle, his life – and especially his relationship with his son – is changed by something as simple as ringing a bell.

Silver Bells” stars Bruce Boxleitner (Bruce Dalt,) Kenton Duty (Jason Dalt,) Laura Spencer (Kasey Dalt,) Antonio Fargas (Major Melvin Lowell,) Bridgett Newton (Piper Dalt,) Amy E. Kiser (Lesley Stiles,) Matthew Tailford (Chad,)  Arthur Cartwright (Derek Jensen) and Kym Whitehead (Roberta Lowell.)

“Silver Bells” will be available on Amazon, WalMart and at Christian book stores on Tuesday, October 29, 2013!

Watch the trailer and take a look behind the scenes with Bruce Boxleitner:

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