gunter tinka Shake It Up: Made In Japan Coming This August! (Preview)In “Shake It Up: Made In Japan,” a 90-minute programming event premiering this summer, there will be new songs and dances, wild new fashions, androids and performances by the world famous Blue Man Group highlight the episode. This will be the Season 2 finale for Shake It Up and it will air in August of 2012.

In the episode, the Shake It Up gang heads to Tokyo after Rocky (Zendaya) and CeCe (Bella Thorne) win a chance to star in a dance videogame. While there, Rocky plans to explore Japan, but CeCe wants to seize the chance to become global dance superstars, their longtime dream. Meanwhile, there’s a Mission Impossible-style race against time to save the world from The Rocky and Cece computer virus. Of course, Gunther, Tinka and the whole crew are along for the ride.

Catch Kenton Duty in the preview here and stay tuned for more on Shake It Up: Made In Japan!


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