Aoi7CikCIAAwRTJ 225x300 Kenton Dutys MSN TwitterviewHe’s got an awesome mane, a sweet smile, and dance moves that would put Justin Timberlake to shame. It’s no wonder 16-year-old Disney star Kenton Duty is a total teen heartthrob. We snagged some Twitter time with the “Shake It Up” actor to get his dance tips, learn behind-the-scenes show secrets, and more. Read on, and make sure you’re following @KentonJDuty on Twitter!

@WonderwallMSN: You ready to start this twitterview?

@KentonJDuty: ready when you are!

@WonderwallMSN: Sweet! We love you on #ShakeItUp! How would you say you’re most like your character Gunther?

@KentonJDuty: Gunther and I are both very confident guys and enjoy being who we are.

@WonderwallMSN: Very cool. Gunther is a foreign exchange student. Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever traveled to?

@KentonJDuty: I hope to tour around the world for concerts eventually! One of coolest places I’ve traveled to is Aruba. I jet ski’d there!

@WonderwallMSN: Sounds awesome! It must be fun to work with so many kids your age. What do you do on set when you’re not filming?

@KentonJDuty: we have a lot of fun together, Davis an I have daily Call of Duty competitions. I tend to win, but he’s really good

@WonderwallMSN: Haha, nice! Since #ShakeItUp is all about dancing, who would you love to have a dance battle with?

@KentonJDuty: It would be fun to have a dance battle with some of the regular professionals we have on the show!

@WonderwallMSN: That’s cool. What’s your advice for kids who aren’t confident about dancing?

@KentonJDuty: practice practice practice! I didn’t dance before the show, but I found I had a knack for it after I put in the hard work.

@WonderwallMSN: Great advice! Your co-star @Roshon is on #DWTS right now. Are you going to call in and vote for him? icon smile Kenton Dutys MSN Twitterview

@KentonJDuty: Definitely, I’ve been rooting for him since I found out.

@WonderwallMSN: We got SO many fan Qs for you! @Sftbll5711 asks: What’s your favorite ride at Disney Land or Disney World?

@KentonJDuty: I love space mountain

@WonderwallMSN: So fun! @JBinAV asks: If you could only listen to 3 artists for the rest of your life, who would those artists be?

@KentonJDuty: Bruno mars, Kenny G, and Justin Timberlake

@WonderwallMSN: Last question! Can you tweet us a picture of yourself right now?

@KentonJDuty: For sure, this is my “homework” look

@WonderwallMSN: You’re adorable! Thanks for tweeting with us!

By Rebecca Silverstein

Kenton Duty