Ology.com has put together a list of twenty rising male stars and are throwing a contest to determine who is the BEST.

The contest will be split into two rounds. Round One will feature all twenty nominees! The nominees will be narrowed down to the top ten, who will compete for the title of Best Rising Male Star 2012!

What can you do?

Head over to Kenton’s Ology page (HERE) and hit the follow button. Kenton will get points for each new follower and any interaction on the page. Share pics, music, videos, stories, gifs, poems, and anything else about Kenton and comment on posts you see in the ology. The stars with the most points by 8/2 will move on to the next round!

In addition to securing the “Best Rising Male Star” title for Kenton, you could win cool prizes for participating! Visit HERE for full contest details and start posting on Kenton’s ology page!

Screen Shot 2012 07 26 at 4.38.05 PM.png Kenton Duty Nominated For Ologys Best Rising Male Star 2012!

Kenton Duty