When Shake It Up’s Kenton Duty was just a toddler growing up in Waco, Texas, he had already made a friend for life – his horse Prince. “We got Prince when I was 2,’ Kenton shares with M exclusively. “Horses have always been in my family – they’re very powerful, majestic and graceful animals.


kentonhorse Kenton Duty & His Lifelong Pal

Before his 6th birthday, Kenton’s dad and step-grandfather were already teaching him how to ride. “It was really easy to learn because I had good teachers, ” Kenton explains. I definitely had a lot of fun!” From that point on, Kenton spent his days riding Prince and they built and unbreakable bond. “We were completely attached to each other,” he shares.

To this day, Kenton still rides his favorite horse when he goes home to Texas. “Prince was my companion growing up,” Kenton tells M. “You know how they say a dog is a man’s best friend? Well for me, it’s Prince.”

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