Teens Wanna Know stopped by Scat TV’s “Royals of LA” 5th year celebration. They caught up with many of the performers and found out what laws they would pass if they were actually real royals!  Teens Wanna Know interviewed Kenton Duty along with Mandy Rain, Sloane Morgan Siegel, Jream Andrew, Ochoa Boyz, Scat TV founder Blake Spears, Zachary Gordon , Joey King , The Merrell Twins, BB the Jerk & Alec King, Katia Nicole, artist Cassandra Ashe, Joey Bragg,  Audrey Whitby, Paris Berelc,  Romeo Lacoste,  Viner Boris Laursen, Aramis Knight,  Geno Segers Jr., and IM5.

Find out what Kenton and the others would do in the video below:


"Kenton Duty Interviewed by Teens Wanna Know at the “Royals of LA” 5th Year Celebration" was originally posted at Kenton Duty's Official Site.