Kenton Duty caught up with Fanlala to discuss his recent project “Contest,” coming to the Cartoon Network this October! Get all the details straight from Kenton!


We got to chat with Kenton about the movie, his character, and how he tries to send a positive message with his work to his fans. Check it out below!

Fanlala: Tell us about the movie ‘Contest’ and your character Matt.

Kenton Duty: ‘Contest’ is set in a small town high school. I play Matt Prylek. He’s the captain of the swim team. The swim team in this school is comparable to how Texas views their football team. Matt is very revered, but at the same time, he’s a bully. His favorite victim is Tommy who is played by Dan Flaherty.

Eventually, a series of events occurs, and Matt has to end up befriending Tommy. It starts off as an act at first, but then he has to decide whether he’s just acting like a friend, or if he’s really enjoying Tommy’s company. It’s really interesting for me to play.

F: You’ve had to play the bully before in Gunter, what makes Matt a different character.

KD: Matt is much more real. The role was more based on real life. ‘Shake It Up’ had more heightened comedy, and ‘Contest’ is much more dramatic. It deals with the kinds of bullying that kids go through in real life. And that’s something that’s very much different.

F: What do you think people will like about ‘Contest?’

KD: Really, it’s the amazing cast. I loved acting in it. I really enjoyed going and seeing the finished movie. It gets my stamp of approval. There are songs sung by multiple cast members, and you’ll be able to hear everything on the soundtrack that’s coming soon!

F: Do you have any funny stories from on set?

KD: There were times when we all brought guitars and we just had jam sessions on set. We’d start with one or two people while the others were in hair and makeup, but it would start filling in with three or four people. Then the whole cast or parts of the crew would do covers and “take requests,” making songs about bubble gum, cotton candy, water, rain. It would be “I’ll to a line then you do a line.” It was fun.

F: Tell us about the charity work that you’re participating in.

KD: Oh yes. I’m still working with FARE for food allergies. I’ve heard stories from fans who have been bullied because of their food allergies, and it hurts when you hear stories like that. You get irritated or frustrated for the child.

Before we left Kenton, he told us “to dream big, never give up, and keep going forward.” We can’t wait to tune in to ‘Contest’ when it premieres on Sunday, October 6 at 6:00pm ET/PT only on Cartoon Network. Be sure to keep your eyes open for songs from the movie on Fanlala Radio!

Mark your calendars for the “Contest” world premiere! October 6th is just 2 weeks away!

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