Did you miss Kenton Duty in “Contest” The Movie? Maybe you want to watch it again? Cartoon Network has announced an encore showing of Contest on Sunday, October 20th!

“Contest” is the story of a bullied high school student that is suddenly befriended by his chief tormentor. Together they face challenges that will change their lives forever.

“What I hope is that the kid who is being bullied will learn that it’s good for you to inform your friends because they’ll have your back. I want the kid who is the bully to have a light bulb go off. Then from the third person point of view, I want them to learn that it’s their job to speak up as well. It’s not always easy for the person being bullied to speak up because of all the threats that are being made.”  – Kenton Duty

The end of bullying begins with you! So what can you do to help? Join Kenton and over 370,000 people who have already taken Cartoon Network’s pledge to Stop Bullying and Speak Up!

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