If you use Facebook you most likely have at least one of those friends, you know the ones who use hashtags even though Facebook doesn't support them? Well soon that might all change!  The Wallstreet Journal is reporting that Facebook may soon be adding hashtag support!


Facebook owned Instagram already supports the now familiar hashtag. Perhaps a move to support hashtags on Facebook as well is also a move to integrate the two services more? Or perhaps it's simply to compete with rivals Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest all of whom support hashtag usage.

Depending on how hashtags are implemented on Facebook it could mean big changes not only for regular users but Page owners as well. Hashtags could generate more reach and involvement from fan, or allow easier access and organization to posts on like topics.

However, there has been no official word from Facebook yet on the matter. If, when and how the hashtag will be implemented on Facebook remains to be seen.  What do you think, readers? How you feel about the hashtag potentially coming to Facebook? Good move or  not? Let us know in the comments!