NBC has released the first seven minutes of the premiere episode of Dylan Minnette’s new show, ‘Awake.’ The episode opens with a car accident that fractures Michael Britten’s (Jason Isaacs) life into two competing realities: one in which his son Rex (Dylan Minnette) survived while his wife Hannah (Laura Allen) is dead, and the other in which Hannah survived but Rex did not. Trying to keep both his loved ones alive, Michael starts living a “double life”, dealing with different personal conflicts. Michael returns to police work and solves crimes in both worlds with the help of two different partners. He additionally meets two different therapists to consult about his conditions, admitting that he is not sure which one is a dream and which one is a reality. “Awake” has Jason Isaacs starring as Detective Michael Britten. Laura Allen and Dylan Minnette portray his wife and son respectively, while Steve Harris and Wilmer Valderrama join the cast as his partners. The fantasy drama series will start airing Thursday, March 1 at 10/9c on NBC. Watch the first 7 minutes here and let us know what you think! Watch The First 7 Minutes of Awake! is a post from: Dylan Minnette Official Site