Just one week until the official premiere of Awake and the reviews are rolling in. As you may know, NBC released the pilot in advance of the premiere. If you haven’t watched it yet, check it out here! Also, read on to see what everyone is saying about Awake. Is it worthy of all its buzz? Dylan Minnette Pic Awake1 300x196 The Reviews Are In...

“Hauntingly, daringly original, a psychological mystery that teases the mind while tugging the heart, this brave new series is so unconventional it feels like a dream.” – TVGuide

“Every once in a while a pilot gets made that draws you in and leaves you screaming for more. I won’t be the naive TV critic that immediately compares Awake to The Sopranos or Mad Men, but it sure feels like it. The premise is fascinating. The mood is tense. The style is cinematic. The acting is wonderful. The forty-three and a half minutes that make up the first episode of Awake are absolutely fantastic, and I can’t wait for the next episode.” – Thefilteredlens.com

“Awake, as you might surmise, is not the easiest show to casually follow, but to make the effort is damn rewarding. The pilot, which is just this side of brilliant, economically lays the foundation for the dual narrative — including the added wrinkle of how Britten’s homicide investigations in either reality beget clues for the other. Among the cast, Isaacs is excellent, rendering a character who is at once besotted by loss and yet quietly satisfied to have stumbled upon a way to hold onto those he lost; similarly, Allen does well as a wife and mother struggling to move on yet hampered by her own forms of denial. Minnette at first seems saddled with TV’s favorite tired trope, The Angry Teen, but a pair of breakdowns (in the pilot and then Episode 3) flesh out the lad nicely.” – TVline.com

“Pleasingly, this pilot avoids clichéd twists and plot developments, in favor of dealing with the personal ramifications of Britten’s unique situation. A lesser show might have Britten keeping his double life a secret from his wife, but by the end of the pilot, we’ve already moved beyond that. Awake boldly pushes beyond the standard issues that you might expect a show of this type to explore. Eschewing, for the most part, the seen-it-all-before elements of network crime drama, the writers give themselves breathing room to properly examine Britten’s estrangement from his son, his wife’s desire to have another child, and so on.” – Digitalspy.com

“You’ve got to give “Awake” creator Kyle Killen points for ambition. Despite its dubious debuting as a midseason replacement (the pilot will air on March 1st), “Awake” manages to be one of the more unique and unusual and complicated ideas in recent history. It’s a family drama, it’s a police procedural, it’s a story of love and loss, and yet it’s also something wholly different from all of those conventional genres.” – Pajiba.com

“After watching the pilot for NBC’s new show, Awake, I’m wondering why it was held for midseason – event the dull The Firm made on air before this – because it’s an intriguing, intelligent show that gives hope to the struggling network.” – Popculturenerd.com


Make sure you tune in to NBC on Thursday, March 1st at 10PM for the official premiere of Awake!

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