Dylan Minnette recently spoke with Starry Constellation Magazine about his new series Awake, The Feaver and his fans! Q) What are the recent projects you are working on?

A) I’ve been working every week on the new NBC series ”Awake” starring Jason Isaacs, Wilmer Valderrama and a bunch of other cool people. I love working on that and I play Jason Isaacs son. I have a great time filming. Everybody in the cast and crew are amazing. I’ve also been working a lot with my band The Feaver. We’re recording our EP and getting ourselves out there.

Q) Please tell us the premise for the show “Awake” and about your character Rex Britten.

A) “Awake” is about a man who gets in a car accident with his wife and son one tragic evening. He ends up living in two alternate realities – one where his wife is alive and his son is dead and one where his son is alive and his wife is dead. He always wakes up in the other reality after falling asleep in the other. One is a dream and one is reality and he doesn’t know which is which. I play his son, Rex. Rex is going through a tough time because he was really close to his mother. She’s the only one he really talked to about things and without her in his life it’s really hard for him to communicate properly with his dad. He tries his best. They kind of have a struggling relationship, but they are working on it. There are parts of their relationship that you’ll see on the show. Rex is going through a tough time, like anyone would.

Q) What made you want to be a part of the show?

A) There are a lot of pilots that you see aren’t that interesting. You see the plot, read the script and you realize it isn’t going to go very far. As soon as I read the breakdown for it (which at the time the show was called “REM”), the show sounded really cool. I knew from just reading the sides and the description of the pilot that it’d be picked up. From the moment I auditioned for it I knew I was going to get it because I knew that it was going to get picked up and be an awesome show. I was actually lucky enough to get it on my first audition. My first audition had David Slade, who was the director of the pilot, Kyle Killen (the creator) and Jason Isaacs in the room. That night, I found out I was testing for it, then within the next week or two I tested for the network and got it. So, it was really a quick process to get the job, but it was really awesome. It was really unexpected.

Q) What have you found challenging about your role?

A) Rex is a really big mixture of emotions and sometimes it can be challenging. He’s really depressed a...

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