Dylan Minnette Pic tumblr m50e7vDD4k1r5s3udo1 1280 200x300 Dylan Minnette On This Weeks Episode Of Major CrimesDylan Minnette will be guest-starring on this week’s all new episode of TNT’s Major Crimes!

The episode, titled The Ecstasy and the Agony, a life strategist is enlisted to help Major Crimes along with the FBI to solve a case having to with the Israel mob that could lead to trouble for major crimes. Provenza displays rare emotion with the gets the suspect who is in a vulnerable state. Rusty has the A bad day at school. Guest stars: Dylan Minnette (as Avi Strauss) and Michael Weatherly (as Arthur “Thorn” Woodson.)

Don’t miss Dylan when the episode airs on Monday, September 3rd at 9PM on TNT!


Dylan Minnette Pic majorcrimes prelaunch08 300x240 Dylan Minnette On This Weeks Episode Of Major Crimes

Major Crimes is a spin-off of the popular TNT police drama, The Closer, starring .

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