We’re quickly approaching the season finale of Awake (May 24th!) Tune in to tonight’s all new episode where Michael Britten has a dream affecting his ability to switch back and forth between the two worlds.

Dylan Minnette Pic 306236 377557868947914 201210169916019 934105 828885869 n Awake Preview: Say Hello To My Little Friend

Say Hello To My Little Friend: A strange dream disrupts Detective Britten’s ability to switch to his other reality and the appearance of a mysterious man, (guest star Kevin Weisman) causes him distress. Soon memories of the accident begin to surface and Britten has to come to grips with one of his losses. Later, Captain (guest star ) shows growing concern over his erratic behavior. Meanwhile, () works to mend the ties between () and her family. , Wilmer Valderrama, , and Dylan also star.


Tune in to at 10PM/9c!


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