cast of shake it up 5 600x450 Flynn Gets His Revenge on Shake It Up: Weird It Up

When Cece (Bella Thorne) hires an agent, he decides to help the girls boost up their fame. Rocky (Zendaya) is reluctant at first and orders CeCe to leave. Afterwards, the agent mentions about putting them on “Let’s Get Weird!”, a Japanese related game show, Rocky immediately reconsiders and agrees to having them on the show. However, all this “fame” is getting into CeCe’s head, causing her to forget about Flynn. Flynn decides to get even by appearing as the contestant on the game show, after CeCe refuses to apologize to Flynn about forgetting him. Flynn purposely decides to get every question wrong so the girls would suffer through the challenges.

462px Weird It Up Flynn Gets His Revenge on Shake It Up: Weird It Up

When Rocky and CeCe had enough of the challenges, Rocky forces CeCe to apologize to Flynn. Flynn later points out that he feels unwanted and that CeCe doesn’t care about him.

Meanwhile, Ty (Roshon Fegan) likes Gloria, a foreign exchange student who only speaks Spanish. Due to the language diversities, Ty asks Deuce (Adam Irigoyen) to accompany him on the date as a translator. When Deuce was translating the idea of Ty asking Gloria to dance, he finds out that Gloria doesn’t like him, but likes Deuce instead. This causes Deuce to lie to Ty about the translation and figure out a way to make sure Ty doesn’t like her anymore.

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