One of my favorite things about being on Shake It Up is Tinka’s crazy style! I have so much fun dressing up in the crazy color and pattern combos that makes each of Tinka’s outfits completely unique to her. Should you be feeling extra bold, here are some ways you can integrate Tinka into your own wardrobe!



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tinka hair 300x300 What I Love: Tinkas Style

Tinka’s Hair!

Tinka wears her hair in a variety of different hairstyles, but her staple is up in a large bun. Make your bun by first creating a ponytail and wrapping sections of hair around it. For the full Tinka effect, make sure you add a bow!






Tinkaclothes 248x300 What I Love: Tinkas Style

Tinka’s Clothes!

The key to Tinka’s wardrobe is bright colors! Tinka usually wears neons and crazy patterns. Skirts with leggings, rhinestone shirts, and other unique and girly clothes are a big part of Tinka’s style.





tinkaaccessories 300x300 What I Love: Tinkas Style

Tinka’s Accessories!

Many would refrain from adding accessories to this bold look, but for my girl Tinka, less is NEVER more! This is where she likes to add even more bright colors and bling!





If you love Tinka’s every day style, just you wait until you see her rocking it in Japan! Make sure you tune in to the Shake It Up finale special, Shake It Up: Made In Japan on August 17th to check her out!


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