Just Jared Jr. exclusively caught up with Caroline Sunshine when she performed at the Asphalt Green Children’s Facility in New York City earlier this month.

JJJ: Your concert was so good! What’s your favorite song to sing on stage?

Caroline Sunshine: I like both of them. When I started making music I wanted to make music that was just really fun, that people could dance to, but you know, still have a positive vibe because that’s kind of my personality. I’m just really excited to perform those, because it’s only my second time performing. I hand selected these songs and they’re my favorite.

JJJ: Since releasing your cover of the B52 song “Roam” your music’s been all over Radio Disney. Which song do you enjoy performing the most?

CS: Oh my gosh, I was in my car! (laughs). I think I was like driving in the car with my mom to take my brother to baseball practice. It was so cool that it happened right then. I was literally in the car with my family and it was crazy! It was just really cool.

JJJ: Can we expect an album any time soon?

CS: I’m working crazy hard on my music. When I’m not out performing I’m in the recording studio. I’m excited to be making really really great music. I have a lot of live stuff coming up. My next concert is in L.A., then I’ll be in Houston.

JJJ: Who would your dream collaboration be with?

CS: Honestly, this is going to sound really silly, but have you ever heard the song with Jay-Z and Kanye [West] where in the beginning it’s like. “We’re going to skate to one song, one song only”? I would seriously love it if Betty White just came and sang the opening line to one of my songs. That would just like make my life. I’d also like her to be on Shake It Up. I’m making young pop music and I want Betty White on a track—that’s just funny.

JJJ: So many fans came out to watch you today! Is there any artist that you’re dying to see perform?

CS: Oh, gosh… there are so many. I love so many artists! I would really like to see David Guetta live. I bet that would be the coolest concert ever. He has so many artists that are featured in all his shows, so that’s be something that I’d be dying to see. It’d be amazing.

JJJ: On Shake It Up, your character Tinka has quite the accent. Do people ever assume that’s your real voice?

CS: Oh my gosh, all the time! Actually, you know what my favorite thing is about getting to meet everybody is? It’s that they’re all shocked because people seem to legitimately think I sound like Tinka. It’s just funny. It’s totally acting, but I love throwing on the accent for them.

JJJ: If you could take anything from Tinka’s closet what would it be?

CS:There’s a lot in her closet that I like, but her shoes would definitely go first! Our costume designer does such an amazing job picking them out. She has these heeled sneakers, that are like converse shoes with a heel.

JJJ: Do you have a favorite outfit of hers?

CS: There was an episode that just aired called “Tunnel it Up” and in it Tinka wears this dress that has like 7 layers to it. The dress was custom made and had three hoop skirts. It was a lot of fun to wear. It was quite a task getting into the dress each day – it had a life of its own!

JJJ: In past episodes there’s been some flirting going on between Tinka and Ty. Do you think their relationship is going to go anywhere in future episodes?

CS: I get tweets asking that all the time! It seems to be the question that is on everybody’s mind. Maybe in season three. We haven’t gone back to film that season yet, but hopefully that’ll be in the storyline. Roshon and I are great pals and we love doing scenes together so that’d probably be really fun for us.

JJJ: Can you tell us about some of the upcoming episodes?

CS: Season two is really long, so there are still a lot of episodes to come. In one of them Shake It Up goes back to the past. It’s really, really cool. I can’t say a lot about it, but it’s definitely one of my favorites. Viewers can also expect to see a lot of new family relationships and will get to know a lot of new characters. Season three will be bigger and better than season two.

JJJ: Earlier this year you mentioned that one of your goals for 2012 was to get your driver’s license. Have you gotten it yet?

CS: Yes! I’ve signed up for the online class and I’m this close to getting my permit. That’s so cool that you remembered. That was one of my New Year’s resolutions and I’m getting close to accomplishing it. Hopefully by 2013, I’ll have a full license.

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