Caroline Sunshine gave TWIST the details on the new season of Shake It Up!, chats about singing “All I Want for Christmas” and gives the scoop on an upcoming song with a Shake It Up costar!  Check out the exclusive interview!



TWIST: What can we expect from the new season of Shake It Up?
Caroline Sunshine: In season 3 we have new relationships, new friendships and lots of new fashion. There’s still a lot of everything you love about Shake It Up, but we have some new things that I think our fans will love!

TWIST: What is your favorite part about playing Tinka on Shake It Up?293706 10150989011988096 1299661638 n Caroline Sunshine Chats With TWIST Magazine!
Caroline Sunshine: I love being in Tinka’s shoes because she’s like an alter ego for me! I like to follow rules and stay really calm, while Tinka is crazy and says whatever is on her mind. She’s kind of obnoxious in the way she dresses, but she’s so much fun to play because we’re so different.

TWIST: What similarities do you and Tinka share?
Caroline Sunshine: As much as we’re very different, I think we’re probably the same on some things too. We’re really passionate about what we do. I love playing Tinka and I love to sing, dance and act. While Tinka loves to dance on Shake It Up Chicago and is really passionate about fashion.

TWIST: What’s the vibe like on the set of Shake It Up?
Caroline Sunshine: I feel closer to my cast more than ever this season. I have a grilled cheese pretty much every day on set and I’ve gotten Adam, Bella, and Davis to try it out too. I’ve made a group of friends that I love and enjoy hanging out with!

TWIST: What inspired you to create your own version of “All I Want for Christmas?”
Caroline Sunshine: My fans have really seen Caroline the actress and so I’m excited to show them Caroline the singer. When I got the list of songs to choose from, I just knew that I had to sing “All I Want for Christmas”. I love that it’s got a little bit of attitude to it, but still a classic kind of R&B vibe. I just really wanted the chance to put my own spin on it.

TWIST: Do you have any upcoming projects that our readers can look forward to?
Caroline Sunshine: I just did a duet with Roshon that’s coming out pretty soon that we’re excited about! I also love being able to share with my fans, so lately I’ve had the urge to make some pretty fun and quirky videos and maybe start up YouTube channel for them.

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