My Yard Goes Disney transformations involve more than just a visual elements, they are true outdoor adventures! This is the case for the season 1 episode featuring the Delaney Family.  The Delaney’s love Disney and even further, The Pirates Of The Caribbean attraction.

With this inspiration, the My Yard Goes Disney crew created a pirate’s paradise with cool water spaces to an over the top, one-of-a-kind, custom-built pirate ship and 8-foot treasure chest that opens up with a 52-inch television inside.

The entire backyard Pirate’s Oasis was done in less than 40 hours with 30 employees. This kind of Disney magic does not happen overnight, but it is pretty close!

Watch this clip of The Delaney’s pirate inspired My Yard Goes Disney transformation! Don’t forget to watch the Season 2 premiere on Friday, June 1st at 8PM on HGTV!


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