Get ready to dive in to 72 Hours! TV Guide has your first look at the all new TNT adventure reality series hosted by Brandon Johnson.

“It’s the survival of the fittest on TNT, which will premiere the new action reality series 72 Hours in June. Brandon Johnson (Shake It Up) hosts the series, which will follow teams of three strangers dumped into the wild with just a GPS tracking device and a single bottle of water.

Each episode will focus on three teams competing for the prize. The first team to find a hidden briefcase crammed with $ 100,000 in cash gets to keep it. 72 Hours takes place around the world, including Hawaii, the South Pacific, Fiji, the Southern Rockies and more.”

Click the image to see the adventure in store on 72 Hours!:

72hours video1 Get Your First Look at TNTs 72 Hours!


Credit: TV Guide

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