My Yard Goes Disney is back in full swing after last week’s Season 2 premiere! Prepare yourself for another backyard thrill ride. Don’t believe us? 4 words: Roller Coaster Zip Line!

Krantz 1 1024x681 MYGD: Expedition Adventure at the Krantz House

In this episode, the My Yard Goes Disney team creates an adventure-themed backyard inspired by the fun at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Krantz family’s unfinished tree-house is turned into base camp with kid-friendly climbing net and an amazing zip line with twists and turns around the yard. The zip line has an incredible finish with a splash ending in a new pool. Plus, for the wanna-be paleontologist, the backyard gets a new dinosaur digging sand pit. (HGTV)

Tune in to HGTV on Friday, June 8th at 8PM to see this larger than life backyard fantasy come true!

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