disney1 Brandon Johnson recently phoned in to the home improvement entertainment blog, to talk about some of his projects, particularly ’s My Yard Goes .

feels lucky to have a role in the Disney experience. “This whole crazy ride that we call life has been full of a plethora of peaks and valleys. I don’t know where I’m going, but I am lucky to have the opportunity to be in front of the camera and be a proponent of enthusiasm through my Disney roles.”

Those roles include the character on the popular Disney series and as host of HGTV’s . In each episode of My Yard Goes Disney, lucky homeowners get a jaw-dropping makeover inspired by the Disney experience.

Season 2 of My Yard Goes Disney is expected to air sometime this summer. “We are full on this year got back from Florida we just finished filming our 6th episode of Season 2,” says Johnson. “If you like what we did last season you’re going to love what we do next. This next season is going to blow people’s minds– we’re not only going on the ground, were going up in the air. Whatever that means you’ll have to tune in!”

My Yard Goes Disney is no stranger to going above and beyond to create the most magical of Disney experiences. “It’s one thing to put these concepts on paper but then when it comes tangible you scratch your head and say are we really doing this? Once these projects are completed though, we get to see the joy in the families and children’s faces and it makes everything come together. It’s a total gift to be a part of the project building memories for families and generations to come.”

Tyler Photo 2 11 300x195 Brandon Johnson Brandon Johnson first encounters the families when the camera crew arrives for Day 1. “I definitely think we’re all surfing this massive wave of emotions as all of these things are happening.” He also develops relationships with the families. “They are so authentic, gracious and thankful. When we wrap things up and bring the family and friends in there is a massive emotional sonic boom and it hits everybody. It makes me feel very fortunate to be a part of this gift that keeps on giving. I always keep those moments and those families with me.”

The show has faced its share of obstacles as well. During last season, the crew was wrapping up work on a home when a massive storm hit. “The thunderstorms rolled in and we were all slipping and sliding through the mud. We all said a bit of a prayer and, truth be told, the clouds parted, the sun shot through and we worked like we never worked before.” The crew is no stinger to working under pressure. “We are working from the time the sun comes up until the sun goes down to get these projects completed. In most cases the paint is still drying on these things.”

Using his experience from My Yard Goes Disney and also HGTV’s , , Brandon will be presenting home and garden tips, tricks and techniques at the 2012 April 13-15th.

Also, look out for Brandon Johnson in new episodes of HGTV’s My Yard Goes Disney this summer!

Brandon Johnson