72 Hours is back with an all new episode, dropping 9 new strangers into the desert of the American Southwest in the battle for $100,000! Tune in to TNT tonight, Friday at 10:30PM ET/PT!

Stranded in the stunning heat and beauty of New Mexico’s desert, three teams composed of three strangers must embark on a 36-mile adventure across soaring red rock mesas and steep river canyons in order to locate a briefcase full of cash in just 72 hours. All they have to accompany them in their quest for $100,000 are their teammates, the clothes on their backs, a GPS and one bottle of waterBrandon Johnson hosts.

RED TEAM Andrew, 32, duck boat tour guide, Boston, Mass. Breanna, 23, server, Chicago, Ill. Cathy, 44, full-time mom, LaVerne, Calif.

BLUE TEAM Daniel, 30, unemployed, Pekin, Ind. Lori, 24, account executive, Pioneer, La. Peter, 24, personal trainer, Queens, N.Y.

GREEN TEAM Courtney, 26, stylist, St. Paul, Minn. Shawn, 41, financial consultant, Lyons, N.Y. Tony, 46, tattoo artist, Detroit, Mich.