Hi Guys!

If you missed last night’s new epsisode of Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures (or just want to watch it again) here it is courtesy of Teen Nick!

Also, today is your lucky day! I found some awesome behind the scenes photos and video from the episode! I love looking back at how much fun we all had on set! I’ll post more as the new episodes air!



Learning to cheer…kinda ;)


I was so scared that they were gonna drop me! But they did a great job.
Oh, Dillon...
Had to fall backwards onto a giant pad! It was a little scary at first, but so much fun after I got used to it! I had to learn how to do a lot of my stunts in the show.
Do the robot!
My favorite picture of us! They're so silly. :)
Me and Glenn, watching random casts interviews of us on his phone. :)
Waiting to shoot the scene. We were a little tired that day.
Let's go fighting seals...?!
Cast introductions for the audience show. I was so excited for this episode. I never went to a real high school, so getting to be a cheerleader for a week was pretty fun for me.

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