Rules of the game

Hey guys!

Happy New Year! 2013… Can you believe it? Looks like those Mayans were wrong icon smile Rules of the game

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful beginning of the year.

As many of you guys know, every month, I ask a trivia question and whoever wins gets to Skype with me! I’ve been getting some questions about it lately, so I figured I’d write it all down so it was all in one place.

So this is how the Skype trivia goes:

1. I ask the question on the 9th of every month, unless I tweet that it’s on another date.

2. Anyone can participate. Yes, even if you’re from another country. icon smile Rules of the game

3. I try to tweet the question at a time that works for both the US and international fans. It really depends on which day the 9th falls on that month. If it’s a weekday I will most likely tweet two questions- one in the morning for international fans, and one in the afternoon for the US fans (after most of you have gotten out of school). I want it to be fair for everyone so I’ll try to make it work!

4. The trivia question can be about ANYTHING. Sometimes it’s about previous True Jackson or Bucket and Skinner episodes (if I’ve heard that episodes have aired recently), various guest spots I’ve done, random facts about me, or things that I’ve tweeted or retweeted. I try to tweet a hint the day beforehand, so you guys aren’t caught off guard.

5. The FIRST person to tweet me the correct answer is the winner!!

6. Now, I’ve gotten this question a lot: “Can I win more than once?” The answer is yes– If you’re the first person to tweet me then the rules say you win. But if the first person to answer correctly is someone that has won before, I ALSO pick the next person who answered correctly. In other words, if the winner has won before, I pick one more winner, which means there are two winners for the month.

7. I will DM whoever wins to schedule the Skype. We don’t necessarily Skype that same day but I try to schedule it at least within that month.

I think that’s pretty much it! I’ve just been getting a lot of questions about it on twitter and tumblr, so I wanted to set the record straight. I love getting to do this with you guys- it’s so fun to talk and learn more about you!

Let the games begin.

Or rather, continue. They can’t begin because they’ve already begun.

You get it.

icon smile Rules of the game


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