I love the opportunity to get to know you all better and I want you to feel like you can get to know me as well! To do that, I’m going to regularly share my current obsessions….music, television, fashion…find it all here!

This week I’m sharing some my can’t miss shows! There are plenty more where this came from, so keep checking back for all of my latest obsessions! icon smile Currently Obessed: Ashleys Television Spotlight






‘s Can’t Miss Shows

ashleyrevenge Currently Obessed: Ashleys Television Spotlight

 Revenge is about a girl named Amanda Clark. Her father was framed and jailed for a crime he didn’t commit. Unfortunately, she realized he was innocent only after his death. She takes on a fake identity of Emily Thorne and has since been plotting her revenge on those who wronged her father.

Oh how I love this show! Each week is thrilling, delving deeper and deeper into the mystery and offering up surprises for the characters and audience alike. I never miss an episode of this show and you shouldn’t either! Added bonus? My costar is an occasional guest star! Wooo! icon smile Currently Obessed: Ashleys Television Spotlight

ashleygreysanatomy Currently Obessed: Ashleys Television Spotlight

Grey’s Anatomy is a long-time favorite of mine! This (and a few other shows) keep my Thursdays booked! What is not to love? The characters are so endearing and relatable. And between all of the drama, the relationships feel so authentic and true. What an amazing ensemble cast!!If that wasn’t enough, the cases that come through the doors of Seattle Grace never cease to amaze me. Like seriously? A bomb in a chest? Boy encased in cement? LOVE this show!

ashleytouch Currently Obessed: Ashleys Television Spotlight

Touch is a new favorite of mine. It premiered midseason and grabbed my attention right away. It is about a man with a special needs son who communicates through numbers. These numbers, though, turn out to be more than just that. There are new thrilling mysteries each week!

We all know how great Keiffer Sutherland, but the boy who plays Jake? Also amazing. The stories always come together in the most interesting ways. It really makes you think about the meaning behind even the littlest things. Another great addition to my Thursday lineup! icon smile Currently Obessed: Ashleys Television Spotlight

Let me know in the comments if you watch these shows or if you have any recommendations for shows I should be watching? I’m always up for some great television!



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