Hi beauties,

So, I get a lot of questions about my hair. Like… A lot.

Mostly because it used to look like this:

IMG_5153 [L to R: guest starring on / Push / PRISM awards]

[yes, that is all my real hair and yes, it reaches all the way down to my bum.]

But then I decided to do this:

ashley-argota-locks-love[2009: Jose Eber salon]

And now it looks like this:


IMG_1078[both of these, taken by my mother: the low key photographer lol]

…which is a lot shorter. [you can't really tell from these but I got 11 inches cut off for Locks of Love.]

Everyone normally asks how I keep it this long and healthy, so I figured I’d do a post on it. So, this weeks Fave of the Week is….. HAIR PRODUCTS! :]

Alright. Shampoo and conditioner.

I change it every few months because that’s good for your hair, but right now I’m using Mane and Tail’s Color Protect shampoo & conditioner.


I’ve been extremely impressed with it so far. It’s kept my hair so soft! Did you know that it was originally used for horses? Pretty freaking cool. They have everything from shampoos and conditioners to pomades to hand and nail products. You can check them out on their website [click here] and follow them on [click here]. Show them some love, you’ll be obsessed with their products! I know I am.

Now, after I wash my hair, I use Argan oil to keep my hair soft and shiny all day. I was introduced to it by my fabulous hair stylist, Ozlem.


After I dry my hair, I put a little of this in and I’m ready to go. Or, if I have to do my hair for an event, I’ll straighten or curl my hair, and put some of this on when I’m finished, just so my hair maintains it’s shininess. They also have shampoos and conditioners and other lovely hair products. Did I mention that it smells WONDERFUL?? You can check them out on their website [click here].

For volume, I don’t normally use much hairspray near my scalp, mostly because my hair is so heavy that hairspray doesn’t stick for that long. Instead, I use this:


It’s a hair care line by Schwarzkopf Professional called Osis+, and it was introduced to me at a gifting event that I went to last year. You dust some of this on your scalp and it gives your hair texture and volume. I’m not the kind of person who looks good when their hair is flat, so I use a lot of this. It makes your hair feel a little dirty but makes it look fabulous and saves me from teasing it, which is a) a pain in the behind and b) not good for my hair. You can check them out on their website– they also have a great dry shampoo! [click here]




Drumroll please…



I know, I know. I’m hearing the crickets. Let me explain.

Being in the business I’m in, heat on my hair is CONSTANT. A normal shoot goes something like this:

First look: hair straight, which means a flat iron. Second look: hair curly, which means a curling iron. Third look: hair half up, half down and straight, which means straightening it again. Fourth look: hair wavy, which means the curling iron, yet again. …etc.

That’s a lot of heat for 5 hours of work. My hair hates me sometimes.

Every few weeks or so, my mom will put some of this in my hair to restore the moisture and repair the damage done by all the heat and products that have to go into my hair. We put it on the ends and on my scalp and leave it for 20-30 minutes, then I shampoo it out. Make sure to shampoo thoroughly to get all of the oil out!

You can get coconut oil at pretty much any grocery store. I know for sure that Trader Joes carries it!

Tweet me and tell me if you guys used any of these products, or if you decided to try the coconut oil treatment & if it worked for you!

Have a fabulous week.

xx ash

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