Hi lovers,

This weeks Fave of the Week was SUPER easy to pick lol.

So, for me, Thursday was an INSANELY stressful day. It started off pretty wonderful– The first [and only] thing on my schedule that day was my fitting for the Aladdin and His Winter Wish photo shoot. While I was there, I got a call from my manager telling me that I had booked a small part on a new ABC Family show called “Chasing Life”. I was ECSTATIC, of course, but then she said, “You shoot tomorrow!” …which was funny, because I was supposed to have the Aladdin photo shoot “tomorrow”.

Cue all the stress in the world. Also, cue the LYTHGOE’S TO THE RESCUE! The fabulous Becky told me that I should take the job and that they would work around my schedule. However, there was a huge mix up with the times of everything for the next day, so as I drove to my last minute fitting for “Chasing Life”, my team was talking to the Lythgoe’s, trying to work out the plans between shooting the show and doing the photo shoot.

Long story short, it was an crazy day for me, and I was really stressed out and anxious because [obviously] I wanted to do both “Chasing Life”, and be there for the Aladdin shoot. [I'm a work-a-holic, I know.] I was still worried as I was driving home that night, but as I was sitting in [horrendous] traffic, my mom suddenly exclaimed, “THEY JUST MENTIONED TRUE JACKSON ON GLEE?????!!!!”

You guys.

They mentioned True Jackson on Glee.

But like.

That was an actual thing that occurred in actual real life.


When mom was reading the insane amount of tweets that were coming in, I knew that we had been mentioned, but everyone failed to mention the magnitude of the shout-out. Luckily, I got home just in time to watch it.

YOU CAN WATCH IT HERE. [http://gleaux.tumblr.com/post/66399129063/true-jackson-vp-reference-on-glee-random-but]


Sam [Chord Overstreet] : “True Jackson, Lulu, & Ryan… You haven’t seen True Jackson, VP?! Oh my God, it’s awesome, I have all three seasons on DVD” …[cue the synopsis of our show]… Blaine: [Darren Criss] : “True Jackson, VP? Is that even on anymore? Sam : “No, it got cancelled. Evidently the people at Nickelodeon don’t care about quality entertainment.”

I. Died.

None of us at TJVP had any idea that was going to happen. To whoever wrote that… that was the most epic shout out and we were all touched and shocked and excited. THANK YOU, WRITER OF GLEE. I LOVE YOU. Oh, and then we trended shortly after the mention!! We still have the very best fans. <3

That little mention made my incredibly stressful day into an even more exciting one, and to see everyone’s enthusiasm on was so awesome. It also made me realize that the next day, Nov. 8, was the 5 year anniversary of when True Jackson premiered!! Great timing, Glee. :]

Alright, kiddos. That concludes my Fave of the Week. Like I said… Super easy to pick what my favorite thing of this week was lol.

Have a fabulous one, loves. Find something beautiful in even the most stressful of days. ;]

’till next week.

xx ash

PS: A few of you on Twitter were asking about my crazy, stressful Friday– everything ended up working out. I shot “Chasing Life” in the morning [starting at 7am], then [literally] flew to the Aladdin photo shoot. Again, huge thank you to the Lythgoes for being fabulous and accommodating and understanding and wonderful. I promise that a] it will never happen again [I'M NEVER LATE FOR ANYTHING!!!!!] and b] I will bake you all homemade cookies and brownies and French macaroons for the entire run of the show to make up for the insanity that was the photo shoot lol. xx

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