Hi lovers,

I’m late for last weeks post! I’M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!! I had a really long weekend, and this post will explain why.

So, once a year, normally some time around Thanksgiving, my entire family gets together for our annual family reunion. Basically, the location rotates each year, and every family member who lives in California attends. There’s a lot of food and really loud talking and more food and then a mall trip at some point [i'll explain later] and then even more food and then a show and did I mention there’s food? It’s quite the event.

This year, our reunion was held in Fresno, California, which meant getting up at 3 in the morning and taking a 5 hour road trip. Thankfully, my brother drove.

IMG_0591And I got to hang out with my little nugget, who slept in my lap the whole way there.


We were super early, so we stopped at the cutest little store that had fresh milk, raw honey, and mini-pumpkins!

IMG_5672And when I got back to my car after going to the store, decided that she wanted to drive.



The reunion was good times, as always. At this particular location, there are  crazy amounts of fruit trees in the backyard, so we got to pick some fresh fruit, and my cousins gave me a lesson on how picking persimmons was a lot like dating…


[so much fruit. it's like where's waldo.]

My cousin, Jayson, is also holding a fundraiser for his upcoming trip to Europe, and his aunt is helping out by making crocheted headbands [like the ones I made last year when I had my wisdom teeth pulled!], so obviously, this called for crocheting while catching up.


This year was extra special, because my cousin now has a booth business… And he brought the booth to the reunion!! We usually take booth on our phones every year, but this time, instead of finding tissue boxes and books to hold up my phone & hoping we’d all make it into the photo, we had fun props and high quality shots with good lighting and different backgrounds.




[if you're interested in using this photo booth, it's called Snappy Vision and it's owned by my cousin, Nelson. You can follow Snappy Vision on HERE, like them on HERE, check out their site HERE, or contact them at ; you can use different backgrounds and there are cool props, as modeled by me and my family above.]

The annual family reunion also means the “Annual Family Reunion Mall Trip with the Cousins”. Oh yeah. It’s a thing. I can’t remember exactly when this tradition started, but at some point during the reunion, me and all the cousins around my age [we're still trying to decide if there's an age cut-off; guess we'll figure that out eventually?] caravan to the nearest mall and walk around for a couple hours. Last year was pretty funny; one of the cars ran out of battery so we all sat in the parking lot until security helped us jump the car… But this year there were no such mishaps. Here was this years group [at my favorite store ever, Charming Charlies!!!!!!!!!] :


Usually, we stay the night and spend even more time together, but my family and I had to go home that same night because I had an event the next day and my dad had to work, so we drove home and got back to my house at 3 in the morning. File this under “Reasons I needed three grande salted caramel mocha frappuccino’s on Saturday”.

I love spending time with my family. They’re loud and crazy and fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Hope you guys had a good week, and again, I’m sorry that this FOTW is late!

Spend some time with your loved ones this week. It’s always worth it. :]

’till next week.

xx ash