Hello lovelies,

Second Fave of the Week! [one day late, but please don't be mad: I was shooting a fun Failcast webisode that you'll all get to see soon, if that makes you less upset.] This week, I’m focusing on two of the things I just dug out of my closet because it’s FINALLY cold enough to wear them.

This weeks fave of the week is: beanies and scarves!

Let’s start with scarves. I’m sure you guys have seen me wearing scarves in countless and pictures. It stemmed from me singing a lot when I was little– gotta protect your instrument! I used to wear them all the time, and now that it’s autumn, I’m so excited to finally be able to wear them again. It took me a long time to get used to infinity scarves– I never understood how to wear them really– but when I went to NYU, that changed for some reason. [maybe it was the FREEZING COLD TEMPERATURES AND CONSTANT RAIN AND SNOW that made me learn how to wear them??????] Seriously. They’re all I wear now. They dress up any outfit and, more importantly, keep my throat super warm!


[new york city, 2012: washington square park, in the snow!]


[my 20th birthday, 2013: dinner at benihanas.]

There are also times I don’t feel like wrapping the scarf around my neck, so I’ll just leave it undone.


[2013: sound check at a private acoustic show (& the first time i performed my original music!)]

I use my neutral colors the most [below], but I do have a few different ones for a pop of color when I need it. :]


And now, beanies! I am a hat person, mostly because my skin is super sun sensitive, so I have to wear hats throughout the year. Below is the one you’re all used to seeing me in– I wear this all the time! I wish I knew what brand it was, but it was a gift. I love this because the brim isn’t too big [so I can still see lol] and it doesn’t look like a massively large prima donna sun hat, but it still protects my face.

IMG_4911[oct. 2013: shoes+sweater, naked wardrobe. jewelry, andrea bocchio & pradman jewelry]


[toronto, canada 2013: centre island]

Now that the weather is cooling down a little, I’ve pulled out the beanies. When I was in Toronto shooting How to Build A Better Boy, I thought it was going to be painfully hot, but I was sadly mistaken. There were mornings when it was freezing cold! I was incredibly ill prepared, so I went to Urban Outfitters one day after work [with Marshall and Noah] [thanks for the help, boys] and bought a simple black beanie. It helped me through post-work crazy hair and cold mornings [and nights] on set.

IMG_4944[toronto, canada 2013: hero burger with kelli & the cast. at 2 in the morning.]

I recently got a new beanie that I am OBSESSED with from Cream Clothing Co. It’s the softest and warmest beanie I own. Fits perfectly and it’s so freaking comfortable. Also loving that it’s red. Like I said, I like wearing mostly neutrals, but I love having a pop of color somewhere in my outfit, and there’s no better way to do it than with a super cute red beanie!


You can check out more of their awesome clothes and hats on their website… Click here!

Alright guys. That’s it for this week. Have you pulled out your beanies and scarves for fall yet??

till next week.

love you.

xx ash.

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