Don’t forget there is an all new episode of Bucket and Skinner airing this Saturday at 9PM as a part of Nickelodeons Half-O-Ween celebration!

We’re just 6 months away from Halloween and Nickelodeon is celebrating with all new spooky episodes of iCarly, How To Rock and Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures starting at 8PM. In addition, they will be airing a full day of Halloween-centric episodes of all of your favorite shows starting at 1/12c!

Tune in to Nickelodeon at 9PM for Bucket and Skinner‘s Epic Haunting, as Bucket and Skinner venture into a notoriously haunted mansion! Seems Ashley Argota also ends up with a cake in the face at some points well (see above tweeted by Ashley photo.) All MAJOR reasons not to miss this episode! icon smile New Episode Of Bucket And Skinner This Saturday!

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