adamirigoyensmile 300x225 Back To School With Adam Irigoyen!Ever wonder what Adam Irigoyen is like in school? Check out this interview Adam did with Hollywood Teen Zine where he talks about his school experiences!

Adam Irigoyen plays Deuce Martinez, Rocky and CeCe’s confident,resourceful and irrepressible neighbor, a long time friend who helps navigate all kinds of fun adventures, in the Disney Channel comedy series Shake It Up. Irigoyen began his acting career at the age of 11. He appeared in multiple commercials and print campaigns before guest-starring on Disney Channel’s Emmy Award-winning series “Wizards of Waverly Place,” which eventually led him to audition for and land the role on “Shake It Up.” Born August 5, 1997 in Miami, Florida, Irigoyen loves all sports, particularly basketball, for which his team won the county championship. He also loves to dance (hip-hop is his favorite style). Irigoyen resides in Southern California with his mom Annie, a school teacher, father Eric, also an educator, and his younger brother Jake.  HTZ sat down with Adam as he shares his favorite school subjects, teachers and much more!

What were you most excited about when returning to school every year? I was excited about seeing my friends and starting a new journey.

What type of student are you in school? I would say, I am not too bad.  Though, I would always get in trouble for talking too much!!

What is your favorite subject?  I’d have to say is Math and of course, lunch time.

Who was your favorite teacher?  My 4th grade teacher.

Do you have any study tips you could share with our viewers?  Always take good notes and read them when it is time for a test.

What’s the funniest school memory you could share?  It’s actually an embarrassing! One day at lunch, I was drinking my milk and one of my friends made me laugh so hard that the milk came out of my nose.  It was pretty funny and gross at the same time.

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks foods? I love to eat fruits and cheese strings.

Do you recall the first thing wanted to be when you grew up? I actually wanted to be a financial planner at first until I found acting.

What is your favorite type of text speak (LOL, IDK, IKR, etc…)? J/K, since I am always joking.

Did you participate in any afterschool programs, sports teams or clubs? Yes, Chess Club.

What is your favorite stress relief activity after finishing schoolwork (sports, games, etc…)? Playing basketball.

Credit: Hollywood Zine

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