dreamsmall Checking In With Adam Irigoyen!Adam recently chatted with Celebrity Teen Scoop about Shake It Up, his ALMA nomination, his upcoming music video for his debut single and more!

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Fans of Disney’s Shake It Up are familiar with Adam Irigoyen – he plays Deuce Martinez, neighbor and friend of the lead characters played by Bella Thorne and Zendaya. Now, in addition to seeing him shake it up on TV, get ready to see him sing it out – Adam is about to release his first video for his debut single ‘La Colegiala.’

It’s been an exciting year for the talented 15-year-old – he was recently nominated for an ALMA award for Favorite TV Actor in a Comedy. Taking a break from his busy schedule, Adam talked exclusively with Celebrity Teen Scoop about his show, his music, and even has some advice for his young fans who are looking to shake it up in their own lives.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Shake It Up is a bonafide hit! Fill us in on your character Deuce Martinez.
Adam: Deuce is such a fun character to play because he has a relationship with basically everyone. He can have so many different story lines with everyone so it just gives me more of an opportunity to have him grow as a character and at the same time keep him the same person everyone loves!

CTS: What’s it like working with Bella Thorne and Zendaya?
Adam: It’s sooo much fun! We really have all become like a family so everyday is just another day with your brothers and sisters, there’s a lot of joke-making and prank- playing that always goes around so it’s always a good time.

CTS: How long have you been acting and singing?
Adam: I feel like I’ve been doing it my whole life because ever since I was younger all I would do is act around the house and sing in the shower. But professionally I’ve been doing it for about 4 years.

CTS: Do you remember your very first audition? Share with our readers what that was like.
Adam: I actually do! It’s a really funny story… I wasn’t really even supposed to be there. We were new to the whole audition process and my mom had signed up for one of those websites that let you know what shows, movies, and commercials were casting, but when you would get a notification you would have to submit yourself… my mom didn’t submit me, we just went to the audition and they had absolutely no idea who I was! They let me go in anyway, I didn’t get it but I will never forget that day.

CTS: You recently shot your very first video. Tell us about that experience and the song ‘La Colegiala.’
Adam: It was such an amazing day because it was the first video I did for MY music. It was definitely one of my favorite experiences, and the song a remix to an old, classic latin song by the same name. I really hope everyone is going to enjoy the video and love the song.

CTS: Do you have a preference between singing and acting?
Adam: To be completely honest I don’t, but why can’t I just do both for the rest of my life? JLo does it.

CTS: How do you balance your work, school and personal life?
Adam: It’s definitely a challenge but when both your parents are teachers it kind of helps.

CTS: Congratulations on your ALMA Award nomination! Tell us about that and how did you first find out?
Adam: Thank you! We got a call from my publicist letting us know about the nomination and I was super excited because I had gone to the award show last year but this would be the first year I was actually nominated and was a presenter!

CTS: What’s coming up next for Adam Irigoyen?
Adam: Right now I’m working on season 3 of Shake It Up and definitely more music!!

CTS: If you could give one piece of advice to young people hoping to make it in entertainment, what would it be?
Adam: I always say that no matter what you do, you have to be dedicated…You can’t ever give up! In life you’ll hear a lot of no’s before you hear one yes but just remember that every time you hear a no you’re just one step closer to that yes.

Credit: Celebrity Teen Scoop

Adam Irigoyen | "Never Give Up"