adamshirtfront Help Adam Win Ologys Best Male Rising Star 2012!Adam Irigoyen is nominated in Ology’s top 20 male rising stars of 2012! Now it’s your turn to get him to the top! Read on for contest details!

An ology team has been created for each of the 20 nominees. Each ology will earn points as fans join, post, and comment in them, so be active in Adam’s ology!

There will be two (2) rounds in this contest. In round one, ALL 20 rising males star teams will compete. The TOP TEN teams that earn the most points will then move on to round two, the final round, where the winner will be decided!

How To Get Started

1. Join Adam’s Ology Team HERE! (100 points per follow)

2. Post in his ology – Share pics, music, videos, stories, gifs, poems, and anything else about your favorite male star (5 points per post)

3. Comment on posts you see in the ology (10 points for each comment)


Bonus Points

1. Any Rising Male star whose ology reaches 100 NEW followers by midnight on Monday 7/30/12, WILL EARN AN ADDITIONAL 1000 POINTS (on top of the 50 points for each new follower)!

2. Ologies will get a special reward if the nominated “Best Rising Male Star” tweets or posts about the contest, OR if he joins the ology (take a screenshot of the post/tweet, and post it in Contest Ology).


The “Best Rising Male Star” will be announced on Friday, 8/10/12 @ 1pm. Also, the 20 most active members of the winning Best Rising Male star ology will receive custom prize t-shirts!

Go to for the full contest details!

Round 1 ends on August 2, 2012 Irigoyenators! So head over and show your support to secure the top spot for Adam and for your chance to win a prize of your own!

Adam Irigoyen | "Never Give Up"