Adam Irigoyen recently called in to Teen Groove on the Move Radio show! They got all kinds of cool information from Adam including exclusive Shake It Up Season 3 details, life on the Shake It Up set and everything you need to know on his upcoming single and music video! Read the interview!

Screen Shot 2012 10 08 at 12.33.06 PM 2.png Adam Irigoyen: Exclusive Interview

On Shake It Up Season 3:

Adam: Shake It Up Season 3 is definitely different than prior seasons. Everything is different. Some sets may be different and we may even get to meet Deuces family, which is really cool. There is a lot of really cool stuff and really cool guest stars that I think everybody is going to enjoy. We’re having a lot of fun filming it and we hope everyone has a lot of fun watching it!

On why Shake It Up is special:

Adam: It was a really iconic thing when it started because it was the first dance sitcom of the time. You see reality shows about dance, but you never really see dance combined with comedy, which is a really cool dynamic that draws in the audience.

On pranks on set:

Adam: We definitely bag on each other and are always joking around and having a good time. Between takes we’re always messing around. It’s always a good time on the Shake It Up set, there’s no other way to describe it. It’s like Carly Rae Jepsen once said, ‘its always a good time.’

On his coolest dance move:

Adam: My coolest dance move is the Swag dance. Its something Zendaya, Roshon and I always goof around about and do on set. It’s the lamest dance ever its really, ugly even, but its one of the most entertaining things to do. It’s a joke, but it’s the funniest thing ever to see!

On his new single and music video:

Adam: The song is called La Colegiala right now. We may kind of change it to differentiate it from the rest. La Colegiala means schoolgirl. The reason I was to make it different is its actually an old Latin song. It’s a song that my parents heard growing up and then I grew up with. When they presented the idea to do the remix to it I was said, yeah, let’s do it and make it different than all of the other versions that had been done before. We implemented some English in so its a bilingual song with the original flavor and a new swag to it. Hopefully we’ll have the music ready ready in a month or so.

On how he got into acting:

Adam: It was something that I really wanted to do, but I was 8 years old and didn’t really know what acting actually was. I knew I really I wanted to do the commercial on the Disney Channel with the ears and “I am at Adam Irigoyen from ….”.  I had to nag my parents for 2 years to put me into acting school and then from there we met with agents and managers, came to LA and got signed and then it took about 2 years, but then I got the show.

On loving his work:

Adam: I love what I do. I say all the time, ‘I do what I do cause I love what I do it.’ Its not a job to me, its fun. The cast and crew are like my family. I always have fun, I love what I do.


Don’t miss Adam on the Season 3 premiere of Shake It Up, this Sunday, October 14 at 9PM on the Disney Channel!

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