TWIST recently chatted with Adam Irigoyen, who stars as Deuce on Disney Channel’s Shake it Up! Adam discusses his music, on-set pranks, and his dream guest star! He also spilled exclusive deets about some upcoming episodes! Check out the interview below and be sure to tune into Disney Channel on Sundays to catch all new episodes of Shake it Up!

TWIST: What can we expect to see on some upcoming episodes of Shake It Up?

Adam: Well, obviously, you can expect to see a lot of dancing. You can also expect a lot of comedy. You guys have seen a couple of episodes of season two, and those episodes are awesome. But, I feel that the really, really funny episodes are towards the end of the season. Also, relationships grow and all that good stuff that happens in a sitcom.

TWIST: Can you share any fun memories that recently happened on set? irigoyen Adam Irigoyen Chats with Twist Magazine

Adam: That’s a really hard question because we are always having fun. We’re always joking around and having a good time, especially Roshon [Fegan] and I. Whenever Davis [Cleveland] gets on set, you know you’re about to have a party. Every moment on set is always so fun and so enjoyable that I don’t know if I can really pin one down.

TWIST: Cool. Have you guys ever played any pranks on each other?
Adam: One time, Caroline [Sunshine] was coming out of wardrobe, and Davis hid behind a wall. This wasn’t really a prank. He was just trying to scare her, but it turned into the funniest thing of my life! He was hiding behind a wall, waiting for her to come upstairs into the schoolroom. He popped out of nowhere and screamed, ‘Boo!’ She screamed at the top of her lungs. It was the funniest thing! I’d never laughed so hard. She looked so scared and her face was as if she just saw a ghost. It was amazing!

TWIST: There have been some really cool guest stars on Shake It Up so far. If you could have anyone make a guest appearance on the show, who would you want it to be?
Adam: There are so many cool people, but I think Will Smith because he is my favorite actor ever. He would be awesome on whatever show he does because, well, he’s Will Smith!

TWIST: Who would you want him to play? What kind of character could he be on the show?
Adam: I think something similar to what he’s done so far in comedy, like what he did on Fresh Prince. He could definitely play a family member of Zendaya [Coleman] or Roshon or something. As long as I have one scene with him, I’m fine.

TWIST: Do you have any upcoming projects?
Adam: Right now, I’m working on my music. I don’t know when it’s going to come out yet, but it’ll come out soon. As far as acting goes, it’s only Shake It Up, but I’m working hard on my music.

TWIST: What do you plan on doing with your music? Are you releasing an album?
Adam: Right now, I’m just focused on getting a good single out! It’s not about albums right now. It’s a total singles world out there and I want a strong single. I don’t have a genre because it’s a completely different type of music. It’s completely fun and party and awesome! I love my music. I want that music that just speaks for itself, where you hear it and you want to hear more! I’m getting that prepared. I’m always in the studio and stuff.

TWIST: We can’t wait to hear it! Thanks for chatting with us Adam!
Adam: Thanks TWIST!


Credit: Twist Magazine

 Adam Irigoyen Chats with Twist Magazine Adam Irigoyen | "Never Give Up"