Screen Shot 2012 11 16 at 9.02.46 AM.png 300x214 Adam Irigoyen: Artist On DemandAdam Irigoyen called into the Artists On Demand radio show to give all the latest on the release of his first single “School Girl.”

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On why he chose to cover “La Colegiala”:

We chose it because its one of those old Spanish songs that everyone knows. There are so many remakes, but we decided we were going to do the song and make it our own. I looked up all of the other remakes and realized there was no bilingual version so we added that and changed the melody a little, but kept it the same in some ways so that everybody can still recognize it.

On the music video:

I got to work with David Rousseau who has done videos with Pitbull, Shakira and Marc Anthony. He heard the song and the Breakfast Club immediately came to mind. We really liked the idea of giving homage to two classics.

On his album:

Right now we’re just recording music, and my goal is to release an album by the end of next year.

On what he’s learned professionally:

I like to absorb as much information as possible because, sadly, Shake It Up will end one day. I want to get as much out of the show as I possibly can. Every director, the writers, everyone on set has so much experience in the industry. I always ask them to teach me.

On being a role model: 

I never thought I would be a role model, in my mind it was always about the work. I feel I make good decisions in my life and my parents help me out a lot with that so I take advantage of that. So if I were to be someone’s role model, I think I could be a good one.

To the fans :

Just thank you for all of your support over the years! For everyone who watches my video and who tunes into the show every week! You guys are awesome!

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Credit: Artists On Demand


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