adamirigoyen almas 005 216x300 Adam Chats The Holidays with BOP & Tiger Beat!BOP and Tiger Beat talked to Adam Irigoyen about his holiday plans and traditions! Read on!


BOP&TB: What are some your favorite family holiday traditions? Adam: I love just getting together with the family and having a good time throughout the entire holiday season. However, one game that we always play on this day is “cubilete”.

BOP&TB: Any fun must have foods that your family makes/serves? Adam: Well I’m Cuban so basically EVERYBODY in my family cooks. Usually though we go by Cuban tradition and eat a roasted pig every Christmas!

BOP&TB: What are your plans for the upcoming holidays? Adam: I’m going to Utah this year to spend time with the family in the snow… it should be a little different than being home in Miami. LOL.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?


Credit: BOP and Tiger Beat

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